Thursday, May 1, 2008

I miss my hair

Reflecting now on this 2nd year of CCS I feel like me and my class have all grown a lot. I know I am changing and growing as a person. My social skills have progressed a lot since my first semesters here I know that for sure. An aspect of this year I am most happy and thankful for is all the new friends and acquaintances I have made in this time. It just makes my experience here so much better to be able to interact with such great people I can relate to and make jokes with. Of course theres still a lot of stupid people but at least we can laugh about it.
Also I feel like my teachers this year have been a lot better and easy to relate to than last year. Eugene for one is someone who really won me over. Eugene was my reviewer for my first year here and he was brutally honest and up front with me and really made me think all summer about what the hell I was doing. Looking back I really did not have my shit together and the words he said "Your hearts not in this" haunted me all summer long making me at first really pissed off but then driving me to prove myself. I really thought Eugene was the biggest douche, but when i got in his class it was a totally different story. Not only a great teacher but a great guy I felt that I learned a great deal and really did prove to myself that I deserve to be at CCS. Even more this past semester I feel like Erik Olsons painting class really has helped me and also all my classmates. We all in some way grew and took something from the experience.
I now look forward to my next few years here I want to go for broke and be an animal and also crank some things out.