Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mecha sand city 9000

story outline

A post apocalyptic desert is the setting of this tale, something like Mad Max meets wile E coyote. The future already happend and then war between two rival computer companies ( like apple and microsoft) cause a cataclysm that devestates most the earth and thousands of years later civilization is finally starting to return. The main characters are twins Reginald and Amelia are from the past before the war. Their father fearing the worst put them in cryogenic freeze and set them into orbit to protect them. They finally land thousands of years later to find a much different world. The villains of this story are remnants of one of the companies Universal Robotics lead by a descendent of the CEO who has control over all the technology and rules with an iron fist. Reginald and Amelia must learn what happend to the world figure out how to live in it and defeat the bad guys before all is lost!

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